Medicine & Healthcare Pathway

The MNCAPS Medicine & Healthcare Pathway allows students the opportunity to engage in a real-world experience in the healthcare environment where they can learn and get direct exposure to future employment opportunities in a growing industry. While in the healthcare setting, students will regularly spend time on site visits and rotational clinical experiences with leaders in the health and wellness industries. Designed together with professionals from the health industry, students will have a firm understanding of the various aspects of health care, including a generalist view of the many professions available to them as prospective health care employees.  Students will spend three periods (half a day), both semesters at the MNCAPS location, engaging in medical and healthcare related courses.


Students will earn High School Credit for each of the courses taken at MNCAPS.  A student earning a passing grade of 70 percent or better in a MNCAPS course may earn college credit(s) through College Now Concurrent Enrollment Program. If the MNCAPS course contains Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), it may transfer to one of the Minnesota State College & Universities (MnSCU).


Year I

First Semester (3 Hours)

Course Name High School Credit College Credit
MNCAPS Health Profession Terminology Health Elective  3
MNCAPS Healthcare Core Curriculum (HCCC) Health Issues 4
MNCAPS Interpersonal Communication Speech

Second Semester (3 Hours)

Course Name High School Credit College Credit
MNCAPS Healthcare in the U.S. Health Elective 4
MNCAPS Personal and Community Health Health Elective 3
MNCAPS College Freshman Composition English requirement 4

Year II

First Semester (2 Hours)

Course Name High School Credit College Credit
MNCAPS Introduction to Exercice Science Health Elective  3
MNCAPS AP Psychology Social Studies Elective

Second Semester (2 Hours)

Course Name High School Credit College Credit
MNCAPS Nursing Assistant Certificate Health Elective 4
MNCAPS AP Psychology Social Studies Elective

*Earn Nursing Assistant Certificate


Guest instructors provide their expertise on topics aligned to the MNCAPS curriculum. Teachers use an approach to learning, which enables students to master academic core content first and then see how this learning is implemented by healthcare professionals in a real world environments of medicine, sports exercise and wellness.


All MNCAPS students have a 1:1 mentor. Mentors often open doors and guest instructors freely share their contact information, some provide employment opportunities and extended site visits.