Collaborate with Us!

MNCAPS is looking for businesses and organizations to help instruct, mentor and engage our students with real-world opportunities. Please take a look at the descriptions below and fill out the form, selecting the areas you are most interested in. You can also view our brochure here.

  • Guest Speaker/Instructor — Serve as subject matter resource for MNCAPS course; co-locate at MNCAPS for a day
  • Mentor — 1:1 relationship with a student, including meetings, phone calls and/or emails
  • Client Projects — Assign “real-world” projects to MNCAPS students and provide feedback
  • Facilities/Hosting — Allow students to explore a professional work setting & meet employees
  • Internships — Provide school-year and summer internships for MNCAPS students
  • Curriculum Consultant — Provide input in profession-based skills and projects; review MNCAPS courses to ensure future-ready skills